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Rosslare Area Description

Rosslare Strand, or simply Rosslare (Irish: Ros Láir, meaning "the middle peninsula"), is a village and seaside resort in County Wexford, Ireland. The name Rosslare Strand is used to distinguish it from the nearby community of Rosslare Harbour, site of the Rosslare Europort.

Rosslare has been a tourist resort for at least 100 years. It prides itself on being the sunniest spot in Ireland, and records bear this out: Rosslare receives 300 hours more sunshine each year than the average place in Ireland. The long sandy strand is a Blue Flag beach so it attracts swimmers and families, while there are a number of good golf courses in the vicinity. The Dublin to Rosslare Europort railway serves the village. Rosslare has a few good hotels and a few good restaurants.The village has seen an amount of building in recent years, as tax grants became available for building holiday homes in this region. As a result, there are large housing estates of holiday homes near the strand.

A long sandspit stretching north from Rosslare separates Wexford Harbour from the Irish Sea. Until the early 1920s, this spit stretched for many miles north, almost touching the Raven Point and giving a very narrow mouth to Wexford Harbour. At the end of the spit was a small fort called Rosslare Fort. In the winter of 1924-25 a storm breached the spit and it was gradually washed away. The fort was abandoned and now all that is left is an island at low tide. Most maps of Ireland, however, still show the long spit of sand.

Rosslare is commonly known in Ireland as being in the "Sunny South-East", and in 1959 Rosslare recorded 1,996.4 hours of sunshine, the highest recorded in Ireland. However, it is not the warmest or driest place in Ireland.

Source : Wikipedia

Rosslare House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2019-10-07 30 Ard Aoibhinn, Walsheslough, Rosslare Strand € 235000
2019-10-04 9 Augusta, Southfields, Rosslare € 185000
2019-09-20 11 Seabury, Rosslare, Rosslare Strand € 140000
2019-09-06 5 Ozier Grove, Rosslare Strand, Wexford € 165000
2019-09-06 Property 1, Strand Road, Rosslare € 380000
2019-08-28 63 Barr Na Haille, Rosslare, County Wexford € 225000
2019-08-23 Hillcrest, Coast Rd, Rosslare Strand € 355000
2019-08-19 12 South Bay Point, Rosslare Strand, Wexford € 142500
2019-08-16 3 Summer Cove, Blind Lane, Rosslare € 370000
2019-08-15 19 Clonmaine, Rosslare, Wexford € 220000
2019-08-15 8 Rosslare Beach Villas, Rosslare Strand, Wexford € 70000
2019-08-08 64 Barr Na Haille, Rosslare, County Wexford € 225000
2019-07-29 67 Seabury, Rosslare Strand, Wexford € 139000
2019-07-25 8 Maple Grove, Glendale, Rosslare € 135000
2019-07-23 40 Barr Na Haille, Rosslare, County Wexford € 197000
2019-07-19 41 Barr Na Haille, Rosslare, County Wexford € 190000
2019-07-04 8 Bayview Heights, Rosslare, Co.Wexford € 155000
2019-07-01 35 South Bay Point, Rosslare Strand, Wexford € 134000
2019-06-20 33 New Haven, Rosslare, Co Wexford € 195000
2019-06-13 8 Chestnut Grove, Glendale, Rosslare Strand € 168000
2019-06-05 7 Strand Ave, Rosslare Strand, Rosslare € 115500
2019-05-22 Hafod Awelon, 30 The Haven, Rosslare Strand € 300000
2019-05-15 17 Strand Court, Rosslare Strand, Rosslare € 35000
2019-05-14 21 Seabury, Station Rd, Rosslare Strand € 142500
2019-05-13 3 Kinsella Meadows, Rosslare, Co. Wexford € 230000
2019-05-07 Osborne House, Strand Rd, Rosslare € 153000
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